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Android Development: Installation of Android Studio

Written by Akshay Patel

Android Development: Installation of Android Studio

Android Development, Download Android Studio, Download JDK and SDK, Learn Android Studio

Android is the most popular operating system of mobile devices. It has completely changed the way we use our smartphones. Nowadays there is huge demand for Android developers as the smartphone industry is growing day after day. If anyone of you want to pursue career in Android development you need to know each and every aspects of how an Android software works. If you are thinking of learning Android then you are at the right place, as from today we are starting a course on Android development which will take you from beginner’s level to advanced level.  So let’s start.

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Before jumping into basic Android function you need to have some knowledge of Java and XML as Android development is purely based on Java and XML. If you don’t know those languages read the below mentioned books.

Java: The Legend

XML Basics

For developing Android applications you need to have an IDE. IDE stands or Integrated Development Environment and we use IDE for writing our programming codes. Android Studio is the best IDE available for developing Android applications. Earlier eclipse was the only IDE available for Android development but now a days Android Studio is in use. Let us start with installing Android Studio. You need to download Android Studio setup file from the below link provided.

Android Development, Download Android Studio, Download JDK and SDK, Learn Android Studio

Download: Android Studio

Next to make your Android Studio capable of running Java programs and to enable the java functionalities in your PC you need to manually setup Java. For that download the java jdk. Double click on it and install it by agreeing their terms and conditions. Next to setup it with your pc’s runtime environment follow the below steps:

  1. Right click on This PC icon on your desktop and click on Properties option.
  2. Click on Advanced system setting option and go to Environment Variable option shown in a square box       at bottom.
  3. In that create a new environment variable by clicking on New button.
  4. A dialog box will appear asking for variable name and variable value.
  5. In variable name type JAVA_HOME and in variable value paste the location where your java jdk bin               files are installed. Generally in all PCs the location is C:\Program Files\java32or64\bin.
  6. Now click ok and you are done with it.

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As your java jdk is set up you can now go for installing Android Studio setup file previously downloaded. You also need to download SDKs which is a part of Android Studio installation process. SDK stands for Software Development Kit, it contains certain libraries necessary for compiling and editing android applications. Follow the below steps for installing Android Studio and all its SDKs properly. You need to have an active internet plan as during installation of Android Studio you PC must be connected to internet.

Android Development, Download Android Studio, Download JDK and SDK, Learn Android Studio

  1. Double click on the setup file downloaded.
  2. Click next and select agree their terms and conditions.
  3. Don’t change the default location where it gets installed as changing it can cause problem in later installation process.
  4. After that again click next now Android Studio will install and it would also install some packages from googles android repositories.
  5. Now it will bring you to a page where you will asked to download special SDK packages. Don’t select all of them as they are just the versions of Android you need to install to run your developed applications.
  6. Only select one of them on which android version you want to test your developed application.
  7. Click next to install.
  8. After some times the installation would stop and a window with Android Studio installed correctly will pop up. Click Finish.
  9. That’s it. You have successfully installed Android Studio in your PC.

In our next article we will discuss about all the components of Android Studio in detail. Have questions comment below.

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