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Fastest android browser in 2017-18

Fastest browser in 2017, Fastest browser in 2018, List of best browser, Fastest browser till now
Written by Akshay Patel

Fastest android browser

Android has spread it reach all over the world and the number of android users are growing day by day. Everyone of us are using android devices to access the web everyday but we have hardly spend some time to observe the web browser through which we surf and access the internet. We have never noticed the efficiency, the speed of our web browsers. From reports about 1.5 billion users access the internet through android web browsers in 2017. There are plenty of web browsers available for android in google playstore. Every web browsers have their own architecture on which they run and their performance can differ because of it. We have performed certain tests on this browsers to finally obtain the fastest browser of 2017.

Fastest browser in 2017, Fastest browser in 2018, List of best browser, Fastest browser till now

Test performed:

In this test we have only taken under consideration the browsers speed. We have neglected the additional features like Ad-blocker and others. Although Ad-blocker is a great feature implemented in browsers to avoid the unwanted pop-ups and advertisements. We have inspected how the browser renders the data and manages its javascript engines. In market many web browsers use the same engine but in this comparison we have also added the browsers with same engine. Third party benchmark applications were used to test this browsers and obtain their maximum performance result. The benchmarks we used are stated below:

Kraken by Mozilla

Its an application developed by Mozilla for benchmark testing. Many tests like filtering of images, processing of audio, JSON parsing and cryptographic routines are carried out in this application for testing the web browser. It generates result in milliseconds unit and  makes all test same as real-life scenario.

Peacekeeper by FutureMark

FutureMark company is famous for developing benchmark applications. The main functionality of this application is to enable tests like general social media applications usage, listening to music and watching videos etc. After all these above test it displays the result as overall scores.

Speedometer by is same as FutureMark company and they also focuses on benchmark application development. Here the checking is done on the basis of Web applications running speed. It also integrates several javascript frameworks to ensure smooth working of web applications. Here the performance purely depends on rendeing engines and several javascript running. Also this application provides keyboard and mouse inputs to find any delay by web applications taking these inputs.


Speed-battle is only responsible for displaying the scores on basis of the javascript performance of a browser. Hence it gives result faster than any other application. Only few seconds are required by it to show results after tests calculations, database storing and rendering speeds.

Tested browsers:

There are thousands or more web browsers available currently in playstore so its difficult to take all of them under consideration for this test. If i attempt for it I will end up submitting it in an year or two. So we have taken the most popular five browsers under consideration. We never forgot the Lineage OS browser the Jelly as its famous among the custom rom builders and users. Also the chromium SWE for snapdragon devices and vanilla chromium was also tested to observe the difference in performance between them.

Browser List:
  • Firefox (version 58.0b7)
  • Google Chrome (version 63.0.3239.111)
  • Opera Browser (version 44.1.2264.123029)
  • UC Browser (version
  • Chromium ( version 65.0.3310.0)
  • Samsung Browser (version
  • Jelly (build 05.12.2017)
  • Chromium SWE (version 58.0.3029.2839677)

Testing device:

The test was carried out in Lenovo vibe k5 android device which has a snapdragon 420 chipset with 2.2 GHz speed and an adreno 430 GPU. It contained 2 GB of ram and a 16 GB storage. Android version is 7.1.2 as we have changed the original operating system of lenovo with a custom ROM which is a LineageOS 14.1. The reason for our going with a mid range smartphone is that not all in the world would be using a flagship phone and the developers of web browsers make software by keeping in mind the low users.

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Benchmarking Environment:

For proper result from the benchmarking applications we dumped all the application running in background in our device which means only the web browser was open in phone so that it didn’t run out of memory. Also only one tab was opened in the browser for reducing the load on web browser and we disabled all the external browser plugins.


The below mentioned table shows the result we obtained from the test and each browsers are mentioned in different columns.

Fastest browser in 2017, Fastest browser in 2018, List of best browser, Fastest browser till now


I am sure that from this image you might be confused as the result seem alike. But if we discuss them separately on basis of the tests made we can easily categorize them. Among all the browsers tested on Peacekeeper test which include the regular tasks we perform Firefox browser stood first and the best. While Samsung stood first in the Kraken test which contains heavy javascript operations. Firefox was always in lead ahead of Chrome and Chromium in test. Using the snapdragon javascript engine Chromium SWE also secured a good place in the list of Kraken test.

Firefox failed during the Speedometer test by performing worst with web applications. All browser other than UC browser was having equal result. Firefox engine need improvement in synchronous tasks javascript engine where it lose its lead over the list. Speedometer test was so heavy on all the browsers that the browsers began to crash the working tab and we needed to refresh it again and again. This test proved so heavy because it was not really meant for android devices. Lastly in the speedbattle test Firefox again made a comeback by standing first.

By the end we can make conclusions like Chrome browser,Opera browser,Chromium and Jelly browser all have the same speed and performance. UC browser was a large failure in all the tests and it completely failed in Kraken test. The reality is UC browser is generally meant for high end devices and for low end devices they have launched a mini version.

The Verdict:

Firefox was the main winner in all the tests except one and other browsers lagged far behind firefox which means the engine of firefox is highly efficient. Snapdragon based devices served a nice background for Chromium browser to perform well. For a leneageos users it is great to go on with the jelly browser as it is small and efficient. We know that we have missed may efficient browser and promise for another tested based on remaing ones. My most expectation is from CM browser which is a largely emerging browser.


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