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Top 3  productivity tips for Android developers

productivity tips for android developers
Written by Akshay Patel

Top 3  productivity tips for Android developers

Developing Associate app is difficult paintings. various encouraging articles can allow you to apprehend it’s straightforward. I’m nearly actually answerable of this.

It’s not. It’s actually arduous paintings.


Coding is no doubt during all amongst one in every of the most effective types of paintings the place you’ll pay an entire day targeted and dealing arduous and in reality return away in a worse state than you’ve got      been prior you began.


In reality, I to search out secret writing is no doubt during all amongst one in every of the most effective types of paintings the place you’ll pay an entire day targeted and dealing very hard and in reality return away in a worse state than you’ve got been prior you began. when I write, I all the time have further phrases at the net page even when Associate in Nursing unproductive day. when I code, I once in a during Associate in Nursing exceedingly in a very away from a 12 hour stint with an app that now not works.

1)  Control your environment

Finally, think about your environment and your comfort once you’re developing apps. Music will facilitate to immerse you additional absolutely in what you’re doing or it is extremely distracting. Apparently, programming really uses the language centers of your brain a minimum of partly, thus you must usually avoid music with lyrics wherever doable .

In person realize synthwave and electronic music to be a decent match as a result of it suits the technological nature of what I’m doing – your mileage might vary. Matt Mullenweg – creator of WordPress – says he can purposefully hear one song on repeat once he’s attempting to focus.

The idea behind this can be that it will assist you to sink into a ‘groove’ and a rhythm. I’ve additionally thought within the past there could be some decrease happening here. even as our brain can ‘tune out’ the repetitive ticking of a clock, maybe it’ll additionally eventually tune out a repetitive song, basically making a sort of sensory deprivation and removing a whole sense’s price of distractions.


(By the method, please let American state grasp your favorite programming tracks within the comments below!)

Something similar additionally happens after we add a low shop: the mild murmur of people chatting over low is just too dense for US to create out attention-grabbing words and eventually the brain writes it off as ‘background noise’. There’s even a website dedicated to making this effect, known as coffitivity. dissonance can do constantfactor.

You should additionally aim to get rid of alternative distractions that in fact suggests that suggests that movement allowed, abrupt noises and something that’s too visually stimulating. Likewise, deem your temperature and your comfort. Keep yourself well hydrous and well-nourished. The aim is to take care of‘homeostasis’ in order that your body doesn’t suppose it’s any pressing considerations like intake or warming up. By being comfy, you permit the code you’re functioning on to become priority.

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2) Plan ahead

This is one thing i like to try to do where doable once writing, and it’s equally as helpful for development. I like to arrange exactly however I’m progressing to tackle a tangle before I sit all the way down to tackle it. once writing, their square measure few things a lot of painful than a blank page and therefore the feeling of not knowing what you wish to jot down. therefore rather than doing that, I confirm to draft a top-level view for my article in my head before I even get to it purpose. i do know my introduction, my main purpose, my conclusion, even a number of humorous comments…

You can do a similar with committal to writing. If you recognize you’re progressing to be tried a specific challenge, then you’ll believe howeveryou’re progressing to copulate whereasyou’re laundry the dishes or walking to figure. you would possibly simply come upon that eureka moment after you least expect it!


Likewise, if you’re progressing to be try a brand new committal to writing challenge that needs extra data, then you’ll equally arrange ahead by look tutorials and reading explanations in your spare time. If i do know I’m progressing to ought to learn one thing new for a project tomorrow, then I’ll unremarkable pay the evening look tutorials whereas I’m cookery. although I don’t grasp it entirely while not having the ability to sit down down at associate IDE and provides it a attempt, I will a minimum of gain an outline of the topic that helps lots once it involves the crunch.

3) Take a break

Often once building associate app, you’ll end up running into a road block. You’ve another all the code and it all appearance fine, however it simply won’t run. You’ve browse over it 100 times. The computer programme isn’t providing something notably useful. You don’t recognize what to try to to.


Notice what you’re doing after you return up with the answer. It nearly always happens after you arise to travel to the bathroom, or to create tea.


Maybe you browse over it once more, don’t realize something wrong, and so hit ‘build and run’ hoping that the matter can somehow have as if by magic gone away. It hasn’t.

Then you are doing it once more. perhaps you alter a variable. maybe automaton Studio doesn’t like that variable for a few reason? otherwise you attempt dynamic the order of your code slightly. you’ll waste an extended time testing and re-testing a program that continues to be frustratingly broken.

Notice what you’re doing after you return up with the answer. It nearly always happens after you arise to travel to the bathroom, or to create tea.


You might assume this has one thing to try to to with blood flow to the brain. it’s additional probably associate example of the ‘doorway effect’. The threshold impact could be a development typically delineate in psychological science and accustomed make a case for why we regularly get into an area, solely to forget what we have a tendency to came certain . once we cross that threshold, the modification in setting causes entirely totally different networks in our brain to fireside. This effectively alters our psychological state which fulminant psychological feature shift makes it arduous to recollect what we have a tendency to we have a tendency tore doing before we came in.

That same impact is a positive factor once you’re banging your head against a wall. a fast modification of setting is enough to modification to vary the manner you’re approaching a retardant and cause enough modification in your brain patterns to assist you gain a brand new insight or a change in perspective. though you don’t calculate what the matter is (normally one thing super-simple), you may come with a brand new manner of approaching the matter. “Maybe if I delete that line and so see if it works…”

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